Directors & Management

Mr Carl Dumbrell – Non-Executive Director

Carl Dumbrell is a partner in a Sydney accounting firm with 20 years’ experience in taxation and assurance services in Australia and England, and with an on-going involvement in the raising of finance and the divestment of assets for listed companies.

Carl has Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Taxation Law degrees, and is a Chartered Accountant in both Australia and in England & Wales, as well as being a Chartered Tax Advisor, Registered Company Auditor, Registered Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Auditor, and Member of the Australia Institute of Company Directors.

Carl is a Executive Chairman of Herenecia Resources Plc (AIM: HER).

Mr Justyn Peters – Non-Executive Director

Justyn Peters has graduate law and politics degrees and is Executive Chairman of ASX listed Leigh Creek Energy Limited which is advancing the development of the Leigh Creek Energy Project in South Australia. Previously he was Executive General Manager for Linc Energy and held a wide range of senior executive appointments for over 6 years.

His experience across a broad range of onshore development activities will prove invaluable in assisting OBL developing the Company’s Canning projects. Previously Justyn was employed at the Queensland EPA as Head of Investigations and Compliance and then as acting Director of Central and Northern Regions. He earlier managed the integration of the environmental regulation of Queensland mining into the EPA.

Mr Vazrick Hovanessian – Non-Executive Director

Vazrick Hovanessian has graduate and postgraduate degrees in Accounting and Finance with over 25 years’ experience with junior oil & gas and mining companies and has held directorship, secretarial and finance roles in several of them. He has served on the Boards and had Company Secretarial/CFO roles in ASX listed Beach Petroleum, Stirling Resources, Capital Energy, Zephyr Minerals, and Silver Mines and currently is an executive director on Mandalong Resources Ltd and Broad Investments Ltd.

Vaz has extensive corporate advisory, finance and property and tourism experience and in the ASX listed junior resources area, and has been instrumental in or assisted with the ASX listing by IPO or back-door listing of such companies.

Dr Natt Arian – Non-Executive Director


  • PhD Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geosciences from Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide, Australia.
  • MA Business Management, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Natt is a well-known and highly regarded scientist amongst Australian petroleum business community and government organisations. He is also well known internationally as a modelling specialist and as a leader in tackling climate changes and global warming.

He is a member of several professional organisations, including Australian, European, American and international engineering and scientific bodies. Natt has a broad knowledge and skills in the diverse fields of petroleum and energy including engineering, science and technology, management, asset management and infrastructure.

Natt is a petroleum and energy technical expert. He has worked for and consulted to Australian Government organisations and numerous Australian and international companies. Besides his current company duties, he is currently involved as a senior geoscientist adviser to the department of Economic Development, Jobs, Precints and Regions working Victorian Gas Program.

Dr Raymond Shaw – Non-Executive Director

Dr Raymond Shaw has more than 35 years’ experience in the resources and energy sectors. His initial professional experience was as a petroleum explorationalist with Shell Development Aust and subsequently a petroleum consultant, including as resident manager and director of Petroconsultants Far East operations based in Singapore and 7 years as a part-time consultant the New

South Wales Department of Mineral Resources. He has worked with a broad  range of listed small to mid-cap companies as well as NGOs principally operating petroleum projects within Australasia and SE Asia.

In 2003 he was founding Managing Director of ASX listed Great Artesian Oil and Gas Limited, which together with its JV partner Beach Petroleum, was responsible for establishing the western flank of the  Patchawarra Trough as a major oil play,  resulting in Great Artesian subsequently being acquired by Drillsearch.

In 2008 Dr Shaw became  Managing Director of Bandanna Energy Limited overseeing its transition from a micro-cap  to an ASX 300 Company prior to his departure in 2012. From 2010 to 2012 he was also a director of the $2.5 billion Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Stage 1 development at Gladstone.

More recently Dr Shaw has been on the boards of several smaller resource companies in both the energy and mineral resources sectors. Since July 2017 Dr Shaw has consulted in corporate advisory services to Novus Capital Limited.

He  holds a B.Sc (Hon 1) and Ph.D from the University of Sydney Dip Law (SAB) and was admitted as a legal practitioner (currently non-practising) in the NSW Supreme Court. He is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Geological Consultant

Mr Geoff Geary – B.Sc. (Geology), MPESA

Geoff Geary is a consultant petroleum geologist (formerly with Oil Company of Australia and Mobil Oil) of 26 years standing and has a Technical Services Agreement through his company Focus on Australia Pty Ltd. He has had significant experience in company mergers, acquisitions, acreage promotion and farm outs in his career, both with smaller national companies and with major multi-nationals. He is experienced in sedimentary basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, seismic interpretation, basin modelling and oil and gas field evaluation and development.